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Bull Frog 5" x 5" Glossy Ceramic Pool Tile
Bull Frog 5" x 5" Glossy Ceramic Pool Tile


Use this dazzling themed accent to make the style of your pool much more distinctive, vivid and enjoyable. This is a wonderful alternative to pricier and complex mosaic sections, and it is possible to combine this pattern with simple tile of numerous hues. The marine theme is an amazing decision for pools, while the selection of shades used in the accent design provides freedom in hue blends. Made of green ceramic, this swimming pool accessory possesses low moisture absorption, which provides endurance as well as the attractive look. The superior quality is highlighted by the specific and credible design, which is common for hand-painted tiles.


  • Dimensions: 5" x 5"
  • Tile thickness: 1/4"
  • Sheet Mount: Mesh Backed
  • Sold by the piece


Bull Frog 5" x 5" Glossy Ceramic Pool Tile

  • item #RFBUGREOS
  • sizePool Accents
  • colorGreen
  • materialCeramic
  • finishGlossy
  • sold by the Piece
  • brand Ocean Pool Mosaic
Price per piece $49.09
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