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The use of 4" x 12" subway tiles in the interior design is gaining vast popularity all over the world. This particular style of tiling, which looks like a brickwork, emerged in the early 20th century; it was widely used in the United States and Western Europe. Nowadays, subway tiles are rarely employed as an element of urban planning, but it doesn't mean that there is no demand for such a hard-wearing material. The modern glass mosaic subway tiles have migrated from the underground walls to the bathrooms and kitchens in different stylish apartments and houses. It is now a crucial part of the Scandinavian, Provence, Loft, Country, and Industrial interior designs. By the way, it was the Scandinavians who revived the general interest towards 4" x 12" subway tiles.

The people from the north of Europe adore minimalistic interior design which is characterized by the absolute modesty in color gammas and combinations as well as the simplicity of shapes and decorations. Nothing helps to create such a style better than glass mosaic subway tiles. Their ideal rectangular shape will add geometrical balance to the overall minimalistic style of your house. And it doesn't necessarily have to be black or white: we offer you more than 75 color variations of 4” x 12” subway tiles, from plain white to a magnificent Galaxy Warm Bronze. So, you can make your kitchen, bathroom or living room look classy or add a bit of a futuristic tone by using a Galaxy tiles or any other type of tiles – there are enough color schemes to satisfy even the most fastidious interior designer.

4" x 12" subway tiles are great for creating the sense of luxury and sophistication without overloading the space with superfluously posh accessories or decorative materials. However, subway tiles can be used not only for creating the minimalistic style with its rather conservative aura: you can always combine the tiles of jolly colors, for example, purple and orange, and use different styles of facing to create the room filled with positive energy and emotionality. Such an approach will be great for people who want to highlight their creative side or to differentiate their apartments or houses from others. These 4" x 12" subway tiles are also great for creating a lovely intimate atmosphere near the fireplace or in your living room. Wherever your imagination may take you, glass mosaic subway tiles will pave your way towards creating an unforgettable interior design.