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The translucent beauty of sea glass is unique, perfectly calling to mind the quiet majesty of the ocean and invoking the relaxation of a sunny day at the beach as your eye drifts along the deep-sea shades of azure and turquoise. Each different style, color and finish evokes a different side of the sea, from the tropical Pacific to the wild Atlantic. Choose from glossy blue arabesque tiles like the gentle Mediterranean waves or grey-green frosted squares which shimmer like the foam on a remote Irish coastline to create your sea glass backsplash.

Sea glass tiles will be your perfect solution for facing the walls and the floor in your bathroom, sauna as well as the indoor and the outdoor swimming pool. Regardless the size of your bathroom, whether it is a small space in an urban apartment or a huge room in a mansion, our sea glass tiles will bring the sea freshness and joy of sunny tropical beaches straight to your home. Imagine how wonderful it would be when you can feel the free spirit of the endless expanses of water just by stepping inside your shower with a sea glass backsplash. Wouldn't it be great to experience this even in the middle of winter, when the only color you can see around is the infinite whiteness of snow?

However, a sea glass backsplash is not only pleasing in the aesthetic sense; sea glass tiles are also head and shoulders above other tiles in terms of quality of materials and durability. Our providers, the world-famous brands like Pacific Tile Company, Tuscan Glass and others, choose only the finest glass, stone and metal for their marvelous tiles. We can assure you that every tile was made with the utmost attention to details and in compliance with all safety and quality standards. All sea glass tiles which you will find in our shop have the following characteristics:

Imperviousness to wear and tear - If you choose our sea glass tiles for your bathroom or some other space with a sea glass backsplash, you can be certain that your children, or even grandchildren, will also be able to feel the spirit of the sea which comes from our tiles.

Eco-friendliness – All sea glass tiles in our shop were made only from eco-friendly materials which are beneficial not only for the environment but also for your health. Our tiles bring the goodness of sea straight to your bathroom.

Perfect fitting – Each of our sea glass tiles has been cut from the source material with a great precision and care; therefore, you can elaborate on your interior design without having to worry that some tiles won't be compatible with the other tiles or the corners of the wall.

We offer you more than 60 types of tiles and we are certain of their impeccable quality.

Whatever your dream of the ocean may be, you can bring it home to your pool or bathroom with some of these beautiful sea glass tiles.