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Mount Zion Beige Polished Stone Tile
Mount Zion Beige Polished Stone Tile
  • Mount Zion Beige Polished Stone Tile
  • Mount Zion Beige Polished Stone Tile


This unique shapes brown mosaic piece reflects the finest creative qualities of stone including the organic feel or exclusive feel of its surface. Its geometric design is a traditional approach to planning mosaic installations in a variety of spaces from vintage appearance to contemporary designs. Making use of this geometric structure, you are able to change any space at your own wish by adding height or emphasizing accent areas. Whilst delivering status and comfort to almost any interior place, this stone unique shapes polished tile provides high durability and resistance to numerous forms of harmful factors. Its fascinating look and superb functionality are ageless and just cannot go out of fashion.


  • Sheet size: 12" x 12"
  • Tile Size: 5/8", 1 1/8", 1 3/4"
  • Tiles per sheet: 108
  • Tile thickness: 1/4" nominal
  • Grout Joints: 1/8"
  • Sheet Mount: Mesh Backed


Mount Zion Beige Polished Stone Tile

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  • item #AHT149
  • sizeUnique Shapes
  • colorBrown
  • materialStone
  • finishPolished
  • sold by the Sheet
  • brand Euro Glass
Price per sheet $29.21
Price per sq. foot $29.21
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$2.95 + Free shipping Approx. size of sample 4" x 4"