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Bullet Glazed White Glass Tile
Bullet Glazed White Glass Tile
  • Bullet Glazed White Glass Tile
  • Bullet Glazed White Glass Tile


This random bricks brown glass tile replicates the old fashioned brick wall arrangement, creating an intriguing contrast between the traditional "stone" shape and a glass material. It displays one of the hottest tendencies in the industry and motivates to develop and implement outstanding design ideas. Whilst duplicating a brick structure exclusively by form and structure, it creates a different style to contemporary settings. The exotic color and style in the bricks design and style provides individuality to this glossy random bricks glass tile creating beautiful visual results. It truly is a fantastic option for using in artistic installations for both personal and business places.


  • Sheet size: 12 3/4" x 11 3/16"
  • Tile Size: Variable x 1/4"
  • Tile thickness: 1/4" nominal
  • Grout Joints: 1/8"
  • Sheet Mount: Mesh Backed


Bullet Glazed White Glass Tile

5 Samples
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  • item #YFT-BTG100
  • sizeRandom Bricks
  • colorWhite
  • materialGlass
  • finishGlossy
  • sold by the Sheet
  • brand Champion Tile
Price per sheet $17.10
Price per sq. foot $17.25
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$2.95 + Free shipping approximate size of sample 4" x 4"