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Pebble tile is something special, and you can use the Pebbles Collection for an extensive range of design applications including bathrooms, kitchens, fountains/water features, driveways, floors and walls. Mesh-mounted pebbles are hand sorted into matching colors and sizes and individually glued onto a mesh backing. Each tile sheet can be trimmed to any shape and is flexible to allow contouring to various surfaces. 

Pebbles are a natural product where no two pieces will be exactly alike. It is not unusual to find the occasional flaws, veins and lines of separation in the pebbles. This variation is generally a desired feature in the product. Pebble tile is also a natural choice for the environmentally-conscious consumer who does not wish to compromise on design.

Available in three different types, pebble tile for floor and walls can be purchased whole, sliced and stacked.Whole and sliced are applied to the mesh flat, except that one is sliced flat while the other is left whole. Stacked is when the pebbles are cut in half with the round end jutting out. This is typically used as a backsplash or shower wall tile and lends a hand-made touch to the scheme. Rock tile flooring may not sound like much fun to walk on barefoot, but a polished, sliced tile will afford a delightful, cozy texture.

Pebble tiles come in many sizes for different project types and contrast ideas. Perfect as a border or accent, you can purchase just a few pieces of the more pricey glass pebble tile to incorporate it for an upscale appearance into an otherwise ordinary room. These tiles are great for a bathroom, bathroom border, shower floor and wall, tub deck and pool.

Our tiles are available for almost any budget. Discount pebble tile can be purchased with amazing design results, as well. Pebble tile mosaics do not require a large financial investment and will transform your bathroom or backsplash at an affordable cost. At Glass Tile Oasis we offer a full line of cheap pebble tiles as well as high-end accessories and moldings.