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Glass Tile Oasis is dedicated to bringing you the best tiles for your indoor and outdoor projects. We constantly update our website with new products and collections for our customers to order online.

Top brands
Our products include beautiful tiles from the leading tile manufacturers:

  • Absolut Glass;
  • Botanical Glass;
  • Champion Tile;
  • Creative Decore;
  • Davinci Glass and Stone;
  • Dynamic Surfaces;
  • Euro Glass;
  • Flicker Tile.

High-quality materials
As for the materials, we constantly add new exclusive ones to provide you with the best shopping experience online. Currently, we offer tiles made of glass, natural stone, ceramics, glass and metal, glass and stone, glass, stone and shell, metal, metal and stone. All of them are available in different sizes, ranging from the smallest to the large ones.

Versatile color palette
At Glass Tile Oasis, we work hard to make our offering as diverse as possible. Color is one of the ways to achieve that goal. 

We have tiles of various colors. For example, the new arrivals include a lot of beige, mauve and bronze colors. At any time of the year, we have tiles of white, brown, cream, green, aqua, copper, red, purple, grey, yellow, orange, pink, black, silver, gold, etc.

Each color has about a dozen shades available. For example, green alone has numerous shades such as avocado, aqua, apple green, emerald, cypress green, chartreuse, lime, seafoam and many others.

Unique shapes

Those of you looking for unusual and classic shapes alike will find everything at Glass Tile Oasis.

We constantly update our portfolio with diverse tiles. The latest arrivals include such shapes as square, subway, circles, hexagonal, Arabesque Moroccan, waterjet, uniform brick, liners, flower, penny round tiles, mosaics and sea glass.

You must also check out our beautiful basketweave and leaf stone tiles which are both exciting gifts for your creative designs.

Particular finish

The right kind of finish on a tile can transform your living space. So we offer a great many of them: brushed, antique, brushed and polished, frosted, frosted and polished, frosted and iridescent, flossy, glossy and brushed.

You will love the beautiful matte, glossy and iridescent effects radiated by the tiles we have.

Lovely tiles for every project!

Whether you are working on an indoor or outdoor project, we have a lot to show to you. Browse through our extensive selection of tiles to find the color, shape, material and size that would be your perfect match.