Interlace Series

The Interlace Series is a standout among glass tiles thanks to its interlocking brick style pattern and subtle color combinations. The sophisticated, transitional vibe of the Interlace Series allows it to blend well with a wide array of design styles and trends. This style will look exceptional as a backsplash, shower border, or spa accent. Neutral color palettes make the Interlace Series tiles a go-to choice for many designers. Offering warm browns, cool grays, and tiles with a hint of neutral blue or green, this series works with many different color tones. The subtle, classic pattern in these simplistic, well-blended color options makes the Interlace Series a favorite for designers, builders and homeowners alike The Interlace glass tile series is crafted from the finest materials. The glass tile patterns are comprised of a unique combination of glossy glass, frosted glass and stone. Most of the patterns use all three materials, except for "Herbal Garden," "Crunched Walnut," and "Waterscape," which only use glossy glass and stone. Sold in mesh-backed sheets that measure 11 3/4" by 13 1/4," with each sheet holding seventy-two tiles that individually measure in at 7/8" by 3 7/8," the Interlace Series also features tiles with 1/4" thickness. The sizing and thickness allow for sturdy durability that will allow this lovely pattern the ability to stand the test of time.