Impression Series

The impression Series of glass tiles is one of the most versatile collections of tile available. Featuring interlocking tiles, classic layered patterns and a variety of color palettes, a selection from the Impression Series can work wonders in virtually any space. The Impression Series of glass tiles has quite a few "impressive" qualities.

The Impression Series offers an abundance of uniquely blended color options. This glass tile collection features mostly neutral offerings with the enhancement of metallic shadings. With copper, gold, silver and onyx accents subtly woven into many of the patterns, the Impression Series truly adds a remarkable wow factor to a backsplash or shower wall. "Autumn Leaf," "Metallique," and "Fusion Glow" offer bolder pops, as they use more of the metallic accent, while "Crest Random" and "Crest Wintertide" offer a more subtle, softer look.

This series of tile is crafted from high quality glass in a glossy finish. The polished, striking appeal of the gloss finish combined with the metallic and neutral tones beckons the eye to admire it. As the pattern is stacked in a more traditional style, the Impression Series has a classical leaning with a modern twist.


The Impression Series features mesh-backed sheets that measure 11 5/8" by 11 5/8" and are comprised of forty-eight 7/8" by 3 7/8" rectangular tiles. The "Fusion Glow" and "Amber" glass tiles that fall into the Impression Series category are 1" by 1" small, square tiles that are sold in sheets approximately one square foot in size. The "Crest Random Bricks" pattern, which also falls under the Impression Series category, features twenty-seven randomly-sized rectangular bricks sold in sheets that measure 11 3/4" by 11 3/4."