Enchanted Flavors Series

Both stylish and fanciful in many ways, the enchanted Flavors series of glass ties will greatly enhance any kitchen or bath in which these tiles are used. The transitional design style of the Enchanted Flavors Series allows for its ability to work within a variety of room settings and personal decorating styles. There are some truly great features that make the Enchanted Flavors glass tile series stand out among a crowd.

Enchanted Flavors serves up several delicious color palettes that will appeal to all of your senses. "Crunched Pecan" features an earth-toned blend of caramels, creams and beiges in both glossy and matte finishes. "Coconut House" is a refreshing combination of silvery white and coastal gray. "Divine Strudel" is a scrumptious mix of chocolate brown, caramel and cream.

The Enchanted Flavors series of glass tiles uses several materials to create a unique and delightful pattern perfect for a gourmet kitchen or bakery. Each palette selection features a distinct blend of color using one or more of the following materials-- glossy glass, frosted glass and stone.

Sold in mesh-backed sheets measuring 12 1/2" by 12 5/8," each sheet of the Enchanted Flavors series contains 264 individual and uniquely-shaped tiles. The tiles are a nominal one quarter inch in thickness in a variety of well cut squares and narrow rectangles. The Enchanted Flavors series is sure to impress and add a sweet statement to any room.