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Ceramic tile comes in so many beautiful colors that many people are not aware of because when they think of tile, white is the only color that comes to mind. We offer ceramic tile for floor, walls, and pools in 16 colors or more and 6 series of creative designs. Ready for immediate shipment to enhance your space. Buy ceramic tiles that are frost proof and maintenance free. Plus…they are guaranteed for life!

You can choose from dolphins, turtles, mermaids and other sea creature mosaics, 3-D realism in the Shadow series, gecko, flower, palm tree, sun and parrot mosaics and more in the Aquatic series…Your pool or bathroom can sport Snoopy and his troops for the fun at heart. The Medallion line offers classic designs such as Greek Key and Wave Elements to create an outstanding centerpiece for your pool. Be sure to visit our Garden series, The Hang 10 beach and surfing series and the Peanuts series for your next ceramic tile project that you want to be far from ordinary.

There are many modern finishing materials that can, so to speak, provide keen and tough competition for ceramic tiles in terms of durability, price and so on. Nevertheless, ceramic tile for floor, walls, and pools are still among the most popular material among buyers because they have a lot of specific advantages.

First and foremost, ceramic tiles are made of natural materials, namely clay which is being burned at a very high temperature, without any fumes or harmful gases. The final product is absolutely safe for the environment as well as for the human body. Our suppliers also make sure that all paints used to color the tiles don't contain any allergens or other hazardous substances.

Clay is biologically inert. It means that the smooth surface of ceramic tiles won't accumulate various bacteria and fungi, even after the prolonged period of usage, unlike the tiles made of wood or even stone. That is the reason why ceramic tile for floor, walls, and pools are used in laboratories, hospitals, and institutions where hygiene is of vast importance.

Ceramic tiles are very resistant to moisture and water. They do not change their chemical properties or their appearance even under the conditions of constant high humidity. Such tiles are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and saunas.

Our ceramic tile for floor, walls, and pools are very durable and do not require plenty of cleaning and maintenance. We have more than two hundred types of ceramic tiles that will fit even the most sophisticated designer purposes, and if set correctly, they will serve you for decades. Even if the stove in your kitchen is almost never off and the tiles gradually become a bit dirty, the cleaning process won't take you longer than ten minutes. Ceramic tiles are as practical as they are beautiful. Buy ceramic tiles you like today and turn your home into a gorgeous and safe place.