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All You Need to Know About Bullnose Tile

When trying to learn more about home renovations, you are bound to come across the bullnose tiles at some point in your research. You may even have them in your home already. So what is a bullnose tile?

A bullnose tile is a special type of tile primarily used in bathrooms. Its distinctive feature is a rounded edge. Bullnose tile is an essential element of tiling projects because of the great benefits it provides.

First of all, a bullnose tile adds a nice finishing touch to the tiling projects. Many manufacturers actually include matching bullnose tiles in their packages so you can use them to border the edges.

Second of all, a bullnose edge tile is a good safety solution. Conventional and rectified tiles have sharp edges and so you should avoid tiling outward facing areas and corners with them. On the contrary, a bullnose tile is a much safer option thanks to its rounded edges.

When should I use a bullnose tile?

A bullnose edge tile can be used for many purposes, for example:

  • Corners. Bathtubs, countertops, niches or steps – bullnose tiles can be used to cover the edges of almost everything. Not only this is great from a design standpoint, you can also feel more safe and comfortable in your own kitchen or bathroom;
  • Walls. Oftentimes, when installing a backsplash, the line between the tiled area and the wall are much too visible and looks like the work has never been completed. Use matching bullnose tiles to fix the impression and add a nice finishing touch;
  • Floors. Bullnose tiles are great to use on the joint where the wall meets the floor. They blend in with the overall design well. Additionally, you will get another layer of protection against water that might leak between that line if the tiles are not properly installed;
  • Decoration. Bullnose tiles of a beautiful contrasting color or pattern (or just a nice matching color) are often used as an additional decorative element, for example for the wall.

Pro tip: measuring a bullnose tile

If you did not order the matching bullnose tiles to use together with your main tiles, you might need to buy separate ones. Of course, the question of doing the right calculations pops up immediately. If you are not sure how to know which size for the bullnose tile you need, follow this advice.

  • When doing the main tiling work, make some notes and sketches along the way to mark the places you will need a bullnose tile for.
  • Measure the length of the tiled area (for example, a backsplash) where the unfinished lines are.
  • Now that you know the length, you can calculate how many bullnose tiles you need. For instance, if the bullnose tile is 12 inches long, you are going to need a tile per each foot of the length.
bullnose tile

What are the types of bullnose tiles?

Edge bullnose tile

Many people prefer to use bullnose tiles to cover the edges right away, even though the tile manufacturer they have chosen might provide them with the edge tiles. This provides a better look and allows for safer edges.

Double (aka corner) bullnose tiles

Traditional bullnose tile is rounded to one side. However, sometimes you might need it to be rounded on the two edges. That is where a double bullnose tile will come in handy. It will be a perfect solution for any corners, countertop edges or bathtub and shower cabin areas as well as backsplashes.

Subway tile bullnose

Subway tiles are laconic and timeless. In addition, a classic white subway tile is inexpensive and can save any project. Subway tile bullnose is an all-time favorite for many designers and home renovators.

Rectangular bullnose tile

The most common dimension for the rectangular bullnose tile is 3 × 13 inches. This means you’ll need fewer tiles to lay over the required area. Rectangular bullnose tiles also provide a great outline. If you work with large tiles, rectangular bullnose tiles would be a good choice.

Square bullnose tile

The most common dimensions are 4 × 4 or 6 × 6 inches. If the bullnose tiles match the color of the main tiles, the overall effect is stunning.

The great variety of bullnose tiles makes them a very popular element to use when renovating the home.

pool bullnose tile

Bullnose tile: installation tips

  • For the outside corners, use double bullnose tiles. They have two rounded edges and will provide a smoother and less sharp corner.
  • When you are doing the baseboard work, measure required height first, then cut the necessary amount to tile the perimeter.

In conclusion

Bullnose tiles will blend in with any design. They give that instantly visible finishing touch, create a smooth transition and make your home more comfortable and safe. Go for it!

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