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Subway Tiles


Of Tiles And Thrones: 5 Bathroom Decor Trends That Are Thriving In 2019

Every house has a bathroom. Though it may not be a gathering place or anyone's favorite location, it nonetheless plays an important role in the home. Considering how much time we spend there (approximately 770 days if you're a woman and 855 if you're a man), it's only fair that we're as comfortable as possible. The basic structures -- such as the shower, bathtub, and toilet -- influence this factor, but even more relevant is its overall design and decor.Read More

3 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Selecting Bathroom Tile

Out of all the home improvement projects that property owners might take on, bathroom remodeling tends to be one of the most popular -- and one of the most profitable. In fact, remodeling a bathroom can come with an expected ROI of 70%. Of course, there are countless elements that can be included in a given bathroom remodeling project. But when making all those important decisions, you can't afford to forget about how your choice of tile in a bathroom can impact its overall visual appeal. Before you finalize your picks for wall and shower tiles, consider the following factors.

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11 Ways Subway Tiles Can Spruce Up Your Home

Different kinds of tile are being used all over the home to get the look people want for their homes. From mosaic tile backsplash in the kitchen to blue mother of pearl tile and a plethora of other tile options, this material can be used all over the home. People have been using tiles for decoration and pottery for more than 37,000 years. Subway tiles are popular with designers because of their versatility. Here are some great ways to use them to get a great look for your home:Read More

Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2019

During the past five years, the U.S. swimming pool construction industry grew by an impressive 3.8%. It's no surprise, then, that more homeowners are considering adding value to their home by installing a swimming pool (or upgrading their current pool to something even better). While merely having a pool is a nice perk, many homeowners really want to make their backyard oases stand out -- and that means paying attention to the latest outdoor design trends. If you really want to make a splash (pun intended) with your new pool, you'll want to consider these swimming pool tile design trends for 2019.Read More

Benefits of Putting Tile in Your Bathroom

When you invest in home renovations, you want to ensure they get done right, so you aren’t left with a set-up you do not like. Get exactly what you are envisioning by counting on experts from start to finish. In a room with plumbing involved, doing it yourself can land you in some trouble, should something go wrong. All in all, it is always best to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs whenever possible, so work with a qualified team to get the results you deserve. You will have your dream bathroom set up in no time. Start searching for bath tiles you will love today.Read More

Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2019

It's finally 2019, which means it's time for new beginnings. If you're thinking of pursuing a home makeover this year, it's a good idea to stay on top of the latest trends. Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular renovations to pursue, since they offer a high ROI and can truly transform how you feel about your main living space. Whether you'll be doing a total gut job or just plan on making a few impactful upgrades, here's what's going to be big in backsplashes over the next year.Read More

Have You Been Neglecting Your Kitchen Backsplash?

Our kitchens are points of pride for us. Entertaining, cooking, gathering, the kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. With such an amount of traffic going through it on a daily basis, keeping it well-maintained over time can seem a Sisyphean task.Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Tiles

In 2017 alone, Americans purchased somewhere around 3.05 billion square feet of ceramic tile. Covering much of that square footage are swimming pool tiles. As swimming pools and outdoor oasis designs have evolved, so have the glass pool tiles that occupy the inside of pools and the surrounding areas.Read More

Totally Tiles: Rooms In Your House That Should Definitely Be Tiled

Plenty of homeowners already know this or have an idea, but it remains a topic that we've needed to repeat for those who haven't yet been fully illuminated. There are places every homeowner should absolutely have tiled. We understand that personal preference and aesthetic taste are things to consider, but we're certain that these tiling tips will combine fashion and functionality.Read More

Incorporating Subway Tile Into Your Home: 3 Unique Ideas To Consider

Anyone who has ever been on New York City's subway system may not understand why you'd want to include the iconic subway tiles into your home, but they're not thinking outside the box! Subway tile design is much more varied than you might expect, providing a whole host of home decor options to choose from during your remodel or renovation. If you're one of the millions that have fallen in love with the subtle yet elegant look that subway tile embodies, here are three unique ways to bring it into your home.Read More

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