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With thousands of beautiful tiles to choose from, deciding on your kitchen backsplash is a big task. It should also be an exciting one: this is an opportunity to be creative! For many people the tile backsplash in the kitchen is the one place they allow themselves a bit of whimsy: the flourish of a mosaic or a burst of brilliant color. Even if you’re just looking for a low-maintenance tile that ties the rest of the room together, you still have so much choice. Experiment with different materials and textures: glossy glass, cool natural stone, or sleek stainless steel. Choose one neutral color but play with different sizes and shapes. Whether you’re going for a quiet beauty or a bold statement, your backsplash tiles should make you happy.

The backsplash is the crowning jewel of the kitchen, and with the plethora of gorgeous options available, choosing the perfect kitchen backsplash tile can be at once both exhilarating and paralyzing. The first decision needs to be if the backsplash will be the common thread that ties the room together, or a bold contrast that leaps out from otherwise uniform décor. Factoring the cabinet’s countertop color and type, appliances and flooring into the equation, either you can choose a complimenting color to flow seamlessly with rest of the décor, or opt for the pop, and choose something from the opposite side of the color wheel. Even when the decision to go subtle is made, things can be kept visually interesting with the stacking of staggered size tiles and various textures. Either way, don’t be shy on style, the kitchen is the place to express yourself creatively, and should accurately reflect the tempo of your home. Next thing to consider is the tile type. If you are in the market for neutrals, Natural stone is perfect for achieving a traditional, rustic, and even modern look, and it is an ever popular choice with the eco-friendly consumer. It has the added benefit of immunity to abuse; you can’t break natural stone. Paired with pebble, you successfully implemented nature into your home. Glass has been around for a while and is trending now more than ever. Gorgeous and gleaming it adds a sophisticated blend of color to the kitchen decor, especially in the rainbow-like iridescent.

Exceedingly easy to clean and maintain, it is as practical as it is pretty, and by choosing recycled glass you will satisfy your responsibility to the environment as well. Whether used as the primary tile for the e backsplash or just an accent, glass tile will add something special to your kitchen. Ceramic tiles now available in an almost infinite combination of shapes, colors, and sizes, offers true value considering their durability and versatility.  Pairing exceptionally well with almost any kitchen design and the fact that it is extremely easy to clean makes ceramic a universal win. Stainless steel tiles, ever hip and sleek, and will transform your kitchen into a piece of modern art. By bringing in an urban chic vibe metallic tiles never fail to impress, and when combined with the functional appeal, it is a tile choice that shines. The finish you choose makes a huge difference as well and can entirely alter the end result. Choose from polished or tumbled stone, glossy, frosted or polished glass and ceramics and brushed, honed or matte metallic tiles to name a few of the many options available. Whatever your price point, we’ve got you covered here at Glass Tile Oasis with cheap or pricey tiles for any project. We offer luxury tiles at a fraction of the traditional cost. Come see for yourself!