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Aqua 5/8" x 8" Glossy Glass Liner
ITEM M444-207
Aqua 5/8" x 8" Glossy Glass Liner
  • Aqua 5/8" x 8" Glossy Glass Liner
  • Aqua 5/8" x 8" Glossy Glass Liner


This glossy aqua glass liner is a necessary element of your tile project in any situation whenever the mosaic parts possess their unglazed edges exposed. The tile edges, which don't make joints with other mosaic pieces, can barely seem stylish considering that they are often not covered with glaze. This aqua glass garnish helps finishing a tile strip elegantly and also smoothly with the ornamental element that suits your mosaic pieces appropriately by texture, color, finish and width. Demonstrate your attention to details which is normal for all who posses sophisticated taste and utilize this glossy glass liner to grant a final look to the tile design in a simple and classy manner.


  • Tile Size: 1/2" x 7 7/8"
  • Tile thickness: 1/4" nominal
  • Sold by the piece


Aqua 5/8" x 8" Glossy Glass Liner

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  • item #M444-207
  • sizeLiners
  • colorAqua
  • materialGlass
  • finishGlossy
  • sold by the Piece
  • brand Millenium Products
Price per piece $2.32
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$2.95 + Free shipping Approx. size of sample 5/8" x 7 7/8"