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When it comes to designing a pool, we tend to focus first on the landscape and architecture, followed by the flooring and wall design and then the pool deck and decorative murals, if any. But,†But, pool art is as much about tile type as about architecture and layout. The type of tile you choose can alter the entire look of the pool and create a unique oasis in the center of your backyard.

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Glass Tiles
: combine radiant sunshine, pristine water, and glistening glass, and the result is jaw dropping. Specially treated non slip glass tiles are the lux finishing touch to the pool of your dreams, reflecting the sun to create a mesmerizing effect. Have your pool come alive by choosing a glass tile in one of the myriad mosaics, sizes, color combinations and finishes available. They are easy to maintain, last a lifetime, and lend the water a clarity that cannot be duplicated.

Ceramic Tiles: if†you are not quite ready to spring for an all glass tiled pool, a similar look can be achieved with ceramic tiles. Silky smooth, ceramic tiles are strong and practical, and often chosen for their bendability when dealing with a curved space. Bring on the bold and choose a distinctive color, and mix with glass, for an entirely upgraded look.

Porcelain Tile:†has a stone like quality to it and is another excellent option for the pool area. It blends well with the outside environment lending a natural and comfortable feel. Available in a variety of colors ranging from soft neutrals to sophisticated slates, porcelain can dress up any pool area.

Make a Mosaic: mosaics, one of artís oldest forms, have a way of completely transforming a space. Elevate your pool surface to a veritable†paradise with a magnificent mosaic available in a sweeping array of materials and patterns. Choose from simple stone to playful graphics and enjoy the artsy and vibrant effect.

A well designed swimming pool can be the crowning jewel of a home, and Glass Tile Oasis offers endless means of achieving the pool of your dream. Start planning your poolside paradise today.

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