Seagull Series

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The Seagull Series of tiles is an exceptional and uniquely patterned tile series that will add variety and spice to any spice. Distinctly modern with its variation of colors and glass finishes, the Seagull Series is perfect for a renovation or new construction. There are many reasons why you would want to consider these tiles for your kitchen or bathroom.

With a variety of neutral shades that brings to mind rivers, streams and earthy settings, the Seagull tile series will prove to only enhance the modern vibe you are wanting to create. Ranging from "Weathered Down" and "Polar Grey" with their muted palettes, to the bolder metallics of the "Copper Back" and "Golden Streak" selections, the mottled variety in tile coloring and texturing adds a truly organic feel to the pattern.

Many of the options in the Seagull tile series feature a perfect mix of glass and stone. While some styles, such as "Copper Streak," is crafted entirely of glossy glass, others like the "Polar Grey" option mix frosted and glossy glass together to create a distinguishing look. "Mississippi Brown," "Cave Dweller," and "Weathered Down" are some of the collections that feature an inviting mix of stone, frosted glass and glossy glass.

The Seagull Series of tile is sold by mesh-backed sheets that measure 10 3/4" by 12," and each sheet features thirty-nine uniquely shaped tiles. The tiles each measure 1/4" in thickness, allowing for greater durability when used in a wide array of projects.