Grand Turret Series

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The Grand Turret Series is modeled after one of the most timeless and classic type of tile patterns—subway tiles. The rectangular, small glass tiles are reminiscent of the layout and vibe of it's larger, ceramic subway tile counterpart. The Grand Turret Series is one of the most versatile tile series available for many reasons.

The neutral color options of the Grand Turret tile series are certain to blend with nearly any design palette. With each of the major undertones represented-- gray, gold and brown-- this tile pattern can be worked into spaces ranging from the most modern kitchens to restful steam showers. Thankfully, four neutral combinations pare down the choices to the cream of the crop.

The Grand Turret glass tile series is crafted from high quality, crystal clear glass. The pattern is created by combining a perfect mix of frosted glass and glossy glass, allowing for a distinguishing blend that is both reflective and textured. Your fingers will want to trace over the pattern play of smooth, glossy planes combined with the frosty texture.

Sold by the sheet, each of the mesh-backed sheets of Grand Turret Series tiles are 11 3/4" by 11 3/4," and are made up of thirty-six 7/8" by 3 7/8" rectangular tiles. The glass tiles measure one quarter inch in nominal thickness to allow for durability and design enhancement. The Grand Turret glass tile series has the perfect transitional balance for most homes, and is worth considering for your latest tile related project.