Boardwalk Series

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Aptly named for its ability to conjure up images of strolls along promenades by the beach, the Boardwalk glass tile series will work well with many design styles and trends. Leaning slightly more modern in its shape and color variation, this particular tile pattern could also prove to serve well in a transitional or Mid-century styled space, as well. There are several defining factors that make the Boardwalk tile series unique.

The Boardwalk Series of tiles are distinguished by their repetitive, rectangular-shaped tiles, and interesting color variations. The six color combinations with names like "Pacific Surf," "Sea Grass," "Sand Dune" and "Pebble," are reminiscent of days well spent along the shoreline. These color selections can bring a subtle hint of the beach into your home with their relaxed, soothing shades.

With its dynamic mix of glass, stone and metal, the Boardwalk series marries several materials to create a distinctive tile pattern. The smooth, marbled stone and sleek metal serve to further enhance the glossy glass. Only the finest materials are used to craft this unique, symmetrical series.

The Boardwalk Series is sold in mesh-backed sheets that measure 10 1/2" by 12 7/8," and feature ninety-six 1/2" by 2 1/2" rectangular tiles. The tile thickness is a durable quarter inch, which allows for a rich color depth and exceptional durability, as well.