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Black 3'' x 6'' Glossy Glass Tile
Black 3'' x 6'' Glossy Glass Tile


When you need a true black to create your tiled wall or backdrop, there’s nothing like these black glossy subway tiles. From tiling your bathroom shower to creating a kitchen backsplash that makes a bold statement, these black tiles are the ideal choice for any room in your home. Though the true black color may absorb the light in the room and make it appear dark, adding a clean, classic note to a bachelor pad or family home, the uniform appearance of these 3” x 6” glossy glass tiles will also add the illusion of size and space to the room, keeping the dark color scheme from closing in the room.


  • Tile Size: 3" x 6"
  • Tile thickness: 1/4"
  • Sold by the piece


Black 3'' x 6'' Glossy Glass Tile

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  • item #FG5913
  • size3'' x 6''
  • colorBlack
  • materialGlass
  • finishGlossy
  • sold by the Piece
  • brand Pacific Tile Company
Price per piece $2.44
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$2.95 + Free shipping Approx. size of sample 3" x 6"